Does This Fear Inhibit Your Business?

cking out their website and reading testimonials of their past clients. If you know anyone who has also started working on his or her financial goals, ask him or her which company he or she worked with, how it was working with them and more importantly, if the firm was able to satisfactorily meet all their requirements. By doing these two steps, you will be able to narrow down your list of service providers to choose from and be assured that you will get suitable services a reputable company.Choose a financial advisory company which is a member of an official organization or body.

Laney has noticed that at the shows they are starting to attend where they are competing with the really big companies, the competition are handing out promotional CDs containing interactive catalogues and high quality CD packaging with printed covers and instruction booklets to help people use the software on the CDs. She knows that in order to compete with them, her company will need to be doing the same, if not more, to get themselves noticed.Laney discusses the situation with her team and they decide that for the shows they will be attending in a month’s time, they will take CDs with a similar interactive brochure and eye-catching packaging. She employs the services of a website design team to create the interactive brochure which makes it easy for customers to locate the promotional items that they need and to get a ball park cost for the order. She also starts looking on the internet for companies offering a CD printing and packaging service with short lead times and good reputations.

There are 4 CD packaging suppliers on Laney’s shortlist and each has a great website detailing their services with great customer feedback. Customer service is important to Laney so she puts in a request for quote to each potential supplier so what sort of response she gets. One company is on the ball and within ten minutes she has a quote which seems reasonable and shortly after that she receives a telephone call from the same company to see if they can help out. She speaks to a project manager who politely asks for further details about the project and arranges a meeting with Laney at their manufacturing unit as they are quite close.The project manager’s name is Kier and he arranges to meet Laney in 2 days time at their plant. Laney spends the next couple of days gathering the information together that she wants to discuss with Kier and meets up with him at 9.30 a.m. on the selected day.