Is That $1,999 Training Working For YOU?

Let me be clear: nothing against those $1,999 or $3,497 business training programs. They deliver huge value and give students a comprehensive view on building a solid biz. Good stuff. Lots of respect for the creators.But I have two lil’ pet peeves, after working with many people who have taken these $1,999 or $3,497 programs and still struggle.These folks cannot give me a confident answer (or just draw a blank) to my foundational questions! That means they don’t have CLARITY about their biz.The very questions I make sure all my private clients can confidently answer so they have a solid foundation for their biz.The questions that give them a rock solid platform so they know how to articulate “what they do and how they do it” in a way that allows them to sell their products and programs confidently.The questions that lead them to ultra-clarity so they have the Conviction to fuel the Commitment that leads to Gumption which helps them stick with it and succeed.

Many of these folks don’t have a unique offering that reflects the needs of their ideal clients and their passion, expertise and superpowers.Why? Because they have not dug deep enough in a way that translates what they know and who they ARE into business strategies and marketing communication. (Plus, not many people talk about this superpower bit, which is CRITICAL.)Because they were not guided to do the mindset work so they can step up and claim the hell out of their superpowers and uniqueness.Just writing down your passion, vision, or superpowers on paper is not enough. You can journal till you turn blue, but nothing happens if you don’t have a plan for aligned action.The key is to OWN IT and translate it into something useful for your biz.You also have to strengthen your mindset so you can sell your products and services confidently – because very often, confidence is what seals the deal.And, like it or not, many training programs (intentionally or not) foster certain level of conformity, instead of helping you step up and be unapologetically unique.

Just taking someone’s 1-/3-/6-month program or some webpage templates and plop it into your website may work for a while, but eventually it will flop because it doesn’t reflect your value, passion and superpowers.Your superpowers are what make YOU special so you can stand out, make competition a non-issue and command a premium pricing. It’s crazy that so few people talk about how to find it and claim it!Through her unique blend of Business + Marketing coaching with a Mindset + Psychic Twist, Ling Wong helps Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their message, claim their superpowers and muster up the GUTS to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful and profitable Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.Ling helps her clients excavate their personality-brand identity and weave their personal brand story, then translate them into marketing communication and offerings that sell through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training.