Tips On How To Repair and Modify Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are inits that are placed in the door mortises. There are many types of mortise locks. For example, there are those that work via a tiny hole and others that work via a pocket that has been cut out of a door. Just like other locks, it’s common for mortise units to fail working. If your lock fails to work you need to repair it.You should start by waxing the latch bolt of the lock in order to be able to easily retract the latch with less effort. Waxing the latch also eliminates all the sticking issues that might be in the unit.You should then remove any excess paint from the latch plate. Excess paint hinders easy movement of the lock; therefore, when you remove the paint you make it easy to move the lock.

After doing this you should remove all the screws of the mortise lock. While easing the unit through the front portion of the door you should put the key inside it so that it points up. Doing this will cause the cylinder to align itself correctly and the lock will start operating efficiently.If you find it hard to repair the lock, you should consider modifying it. Remember that mortise units tend to be expensive; therefore, it’s unwise for you to replace them unless you can’t repair or modify them.One of the ways of modifying the units is by adding cylinders in order to add protection and security to the door. The cool thing is that the locks are designed to work well with the cylinders; therefore, you will easily add the cylinders.

You can also add knobs to the units. For example, you can add cast knob in order to make the units more attractive especially if you are working on the inner side of the door and lock.These are tips on how to repair and modify mortise locks. Always remember that if your unit fails to work, it’s most likely due to a common problem; therefore, if you notice that your lock isn’t working properly you shouldn’t throw it away– you should try to repair it.If you don’t have the skills to repair the unit you should consider hiring the services of a professional locksmith. For ideal results you should ensure that you hire an experienced professional.